AutoSpa Services

The Gold Full Rejuvenation Package

We provide a full inner and outer cleansing to your vehicle. It is the silver interior and exterior packages combined. The gold package is a full rejuvenation to the outside and inside of your vehicle.

Cars - Starting at $179

SUV/Minivans - Starting at $199

The Silver Interior package

We provide an inner cleansing to the interior of your vehicle. The interior of your car gets a full cleaning and shampooing. We also wash the exterior, apply tire shine, and clean the windows inside and out.

Cars - starting at $95

SUV/ Minivan - Starting at $110

The Silver Exterior package

We provide an outer cleansing and polishing to the outside of your vehicle. The exterior of your car gets bathed and blow dried. We exfoliate your paint and remove all tar and bugs. Buff the exterior and apply a high end coat of wax. We also vacuum the interior, clean outside and inside windows, and apply tire shine.

Cars - starting at $95

SUV/Minivan - starting at $110

The Bronze Package

This is perfect if you have a night out on the town planned! This includes a hand wash, vacuum, tire shine, quick wipe down of the interior, windows inside and out, and a spray wax.


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*We plan to be very upfront and honest with all our customers. Every car is different in size and cleanliness therefore we have starting prices. We plan to walk around your car with you before we give you a set price. We look forward to servicing your vehicles!