AutoSpa Story

AutoSpa is owned and operated by Dealer Detail Service L.L.C. or otherwise known as D.D.S.

D.D.S. provides detailing services to many New Car Dealers throughout Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Our employees detail thousands of cars a month at Lexus, Audi, Acura, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Mini Dealers. This has been our passion for years. The Dealers we service offer Detailing to their customers through the service department. D.D.S. provides this service, we feel it is time we offer our services directly to the public.

AutoSpa is our first retail location. By scheduling appointments, we are able to control the volume enabling us to pamper each car. We want a Spa like atmosphere, soothing, relaxing, tranquil. You treat yourself to a Spa treatment once in awhile, it is time to treat your car to one. You will feel better driving your car after it has been rejuvenated at AutoSpa.

At AutoSpa, the outside of your car will be bathed with a mild soap, then blow dried. The paint will be exfoliated with a clay bar removing a layer of debri and leaving the paint ready for a nice polish and a fresh layer of carnuba wax. The wheels will be hand washed and the tires will be dressed for the occasion. The engine compartment will also be bathed, dried and dressed. The inside will be treated to a full rejuvenation as well, dashboard, instrument panel, vents, steering wheel, center console, door panels, visors, all will be hand rubbed with a mild cleaner and blown clean with a little air. The seats will be rubbed and treated with a conditioner to restore them to their original softness. Carpets will be cleaned and fluffed and blow dried. The trunk will be cleaned as well. Door jambs and trunk jambs will be wiped and polished All the glass will be hand rubbed and cleaned to a streak free finish. When your car rolls out of AutoSpa it will shine and sparkle. You will feel as though you just had a Spa Day.

Treat your car, Treat yourself. Schedule an appointment for your car today, or treat someone to an AutoSpa Day with a gift certificate.